Reaves producing Christian coming-of-age drama for first time writer-director Carry Brown

“Ran$um Games” director Parris Reaves is producing his first film for another director with the coming-of-age drama “Leaders,” now in production.

Reaves met first-time writer-director Carry Brown years ago, when both worked at Blockbuster Video. “He Googled me a while back and got in touch, and for the last couple years we’ve been putting together the film,” Reaves said.

Reaves raised the under-$1 million budget from executive producer Robert Chavin, who was one of three investors in Reaves’ 2003 film “When Thugs Cry.”

Newcomer Chris Jenkins stars as a teenager who falls for a dangerous girl (Tiffany Michelle), gets shot, and finds Christianity as a way out of the hole he’s dug for himself. Featuring Keenen Ellis, Martin Miller, and Shavon Moore.

“Leaders” is shooting on weekends throughout the fall. Filming on the Panasonic HVX200 are multiple shooters, including Reaves’ regular collaborator Joey Domaracki, Amanda Clifford, Addae Shelby, Tom Wood and Andrew Heller. Joel Kapity is editor and co-producer.

The film is a production of Reaves’ Hawkfilmz, in association with Kapity’s Dreams On Screen.