‘Raising Adults’ not just another two-white-girl show

Brittany Wagner and Kait Staley

Brittany Wagner and Kait Staley

Entering its
second season,
the dark comedy
web series
raises the bar
(and the stakes)

Hip, in-your-face, embarrassingly autobiographical, and backed by some seriously awesome music, Raising Adults follows two young girls trying to grow up while raising their crazy, disabled parents in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The struggles they confront extend far beyond the boundaries of their politically red environment.

Lead duo Britt (Brittany Wagner) and Kait (Kait Staley) help their parents pursue disability support with little support of their own. Managing bills and healthcare merely scratch the surface of the sacrifices they make for the ones they love. This overworked and unemployed pair bond over family dysfunction.

Whether editing colorful letters to politicians for Dad or dumpster diving with Mom, their “normal” is anything but!



Economic hardship, class struggle, healthcare, and government intensify the family relationships at the heart of the story in ways that have rarely appeared on screen. A mother and daughter flip-flop the parent / child dynamic. A father and daughter bond over boy-talk in a fag-hag-meets-odd-couple kind of scenario.

Brit and Kait
Brit and Kait

What’s more, Raising Adults is based on the creators’ real-life experiences navigating the country’s downright unbearable disability process.

And just when a light appears at the end of the tunnel, someone cuts off the service: this year the show lost a cast member to suicide, creator Brittany’s father, for reasons explored in the show.

So the entertainment occasionally comes with a bit of discomfort, but what better way to give audiences a chance to laugh with or at unconventional family struggles found in unlikely places?

With the help of Chicago crew and post-production, Raising Adults will share nine episodes (plus, added content!) over October and November

Chicago Ties
Chicagoan Danny McCarthy directed. Daily Planet’s Sara Evans and freelancer Talia Pasqua led the charge on editorial / graphics. Floodgates Audio composed the score and designed the sound. FCB’s Roman Mendez handled color.

The season’s soundtrack features new music from local artists Chris Crack and Cutta, plus Beastii making the struggle that much more real (and enjoyable!).

More info on the series can be found at www.RAseries.com and video content at www.RAseries.com/watch.

   Director: Danny McCarthy
   Director of Photography: Andrew Degner
   Writers/ Producers: Brittany Wagner & Kait Staley
   Location Sound: Abby Young & Colin Mulhern
   AD: Joe Zappa
   Grip/ Lighting: Jim Bailey, Mike Trivisonno, Jeremy Stark

Post-Production: Daily Planet
   Edited by: Sara Evans & Talia Pasqua
   Graphics by: Alyssa Barrett
   Colored by: Roman Mendez

   Post-Production Audio/ Score: Colin Mulhern & Joe Flood
   Songs by: Chris Crack & Cutta (New Deal Crew)

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