Quaker State teams with the Onion for new campaign

Quaker State spokesmodel Erin Lovelace

Onion Inc. has produced a six-video social media campaign for Quaker State motor oil that pokes fun at the gimmicky marketing tactics and tools used by the motor oil industry to attract customers.

In the first video in the series, 46-second “Dipstick 6s,” spokesmodel Erin Lovelace demonstrates a fake product, a standard dipstick equipped with a selfie camera and a digital ticker featuring weather and sports updates.

“Dipstik 6s” rolled out in May and the others will follow through September and will continue to laugh at similar marketing fads and clichés, like jingles and VR technology.

“The Onion is known for using satire to expose truths about ourselves and society,” says Onion, Inc.’s CCO Rick Hamann. “The truth about today’s marketing is that most brands will go to ridiculous lengths to get consumers to buy their product.”

The provocative, satirical campaign aims to reinforce the Quaker State “It’s just damn good oil” campaign message and highlight the brand’s emphasis on quality products over marketing BS.

Onion Labs created the campaign, led by copywriters Kris Kennedy and David Schermer, directed by George Zwierzynski and shot by DP Fred Miller, for JWT/Atlanta, the campaign’s creative agency and New York-based media agency Mediacom.

“Dipstick” was shot at the Onion Productions White Stage, at 2155 W. Hubbard, the former Space Stage studios and available for rental.

Credits: Director/VP production, George Zwierzynski; post director, Rich Livingston; post producer, Rashid Lamarre; producer, Jenny Napier and coordinator Dan Kolen. Voiceover: narrator Bret Tuomi and (tagline) Brian Grey. Lily’s Talent represents Lovelace.