Producers seek candidates for Chicago reality series


Yuri Rutman of Noci Pictures producer

Yuri Rutman of Noci Pictures has teamed with two Hollywood partners to produce a pair of reality television shows that will be set and shot in Chicago and seek candidates for starring roles in the shows. 

Rutman and his partners, Darryl Silver of Idea Factory and Geoff Silverman of Rain Management Group, are in the process of finding real people to star in the shows and asking them to send videos according to specific guidelines.

One show will be about a multi-generational Polish-American family called “Warsaw, Chicago” (largest Polish population outside of Warsaw resides in Chicago) and “how the traditional old school of thinking doesn’t always cross over with the present generation,” as Noci describes the theme.

The other proposed show, is about the gutsy world of Chicago futures traders, based on a popular documentary, “Floored,” and also titled to be titled “Floored.”

As a review of the doc says, “Technology is changing their business, and these eccentric pit denizens aren’t the type to take kindly to new tricks.”  Barron’s called the doc “ A real-life, grainier version of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street” and the producers aim to transfer that vitality to the reality series.

The doc’s producer, trader Steve Prosniewski, will co-produce the reality show with Noci and partners.

Applicants for reality shows are asked to write to to receive a questionnaire and casting requirements. Candidates who are selected to audition for the shows will receive instructions about submitting a video that the producers will use to make their initial casting decisions.