PR Pro Roger Darnell shares his blueprint for successful self-employment

Roger Darnell – The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan

If you’ve already set career goals for the New Year, be prepared to elevate those goals to the highest level. Accomplished author, communications consultant, and PR Guru Roger Darnell is about to release his second book.

The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan is set for publication December 21 from leading global publisher Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group and can now be pre-ordered on the author’s site (, where readers can also register for VIP updates, book giveaways, exclusives, and worthwhile buzz.

“Since 2000, I’ve operated a small and mighty business, emphasizing extraordinary customer service for my clients, and committing to my own personal development over time,” Darnell began. “The results have been much greater and more rewarding than I ever imagined, even during a pandemic. By directly sharing lessons and key insights from my business, I hope to equip others with similar interests to soar.”

The author’s companion book, The Communications Consultant’s Foundation released in September, aims to help everyone understand the key components of business success, and put them to work, personally. With Master Plan, the focus expands. 

Going beyond the basics of a communications consulting business, this book parses and distills the knowledge of top business management luminaries, helping readers build and expand their expertise to heighten their opportunities, and maximize all aspects and phases of their businesses, from start-up all the way through to succession. 

• Part I: The business of running a PR agency, with step-by-step workflows for establishing solid client engagements, and honing expertise to remain exceptional

• Part II: Advanced PR practices including investor relations and strategic planning

• Part III: Agency expansion, addressing growth, exit strategies, and milestone achievements

Working PR professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and recent graduates will appreciate inside knowledge and trade secrets from a seasoned business owner, as well as contract language, templates for proposals, campaign planning documents, and more. Read with “Foundation” or on its own, this book will lead readers on life-changing journeys and help a new generation of smart communicators take their professional pursuits to the highest levels.

Books can now be pre-ordered on the author’s site (, where readers can also register for VIP updates, book giveaways, exclusives, and worthwhile buzz.

Roger Darnell is an author, communications consultant, publisher, and speaker. Already central to billions of positive media impressions worldwide, his ambitious collaborations with entrepreneurs and media luminaries continue soaring to new heights.


These and other comments are featured in the new book and on the author’s site. 

Chris Arsenault, Managing Partner, Inovia Capital: “Having spent the past 25 years pursuing excellence in high technology industries, focusing on business development, strategic planning, venture growth, and scaling operations, being proactive in messaging and managing PR is absolutely a key success factor for all entrepreneurs and company executives. As an integral PR partner in a large-scale investment I led over 20 years ago, Roger’s subject matter expertise is highly qualified.”

Rebecca Bedrossian, Global Content Director, Wunderman Thompson: “Rich in details and comprehensive in scope, Roger Darnell provides beginning and seasoned professionals with everything they need to know for a successful career in the communications business.”

Craig Duncan, President/Managing Director, Cutters Studios: “Roger’s unique approach and clear strategy have been a guiding light for our company. He has become a part of us, and I can’t imagine where we would be without him. For anyone wanting to know how to build similar expertise and apply it to allow themselves and everyone around them to soar, I have one suggestion: Read this book.” 

Stuart Elliott, Panel Moderator/Speaker; former New York Times Advertising Columnist: “Think of ‘The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan’ as a kind of hardware store for just about anyone seeking to get anyone else to buy or believe something. It’s a comprehensive guide offering valuable nuts-and-bolts advice, assistance and support in realms such as public relations and investor relations. Especially useful are the action items offered after each chapter.”

Gerald Giannone, Co-Owner DCA Business Media LLC: “At all SHOOT platforms, Roger Darnell is well known as a top-tier PR pro. The many attributes that set him and his work apart certainly add up to the great benefit of his clients. This book is a viable means for training a new generation of highly skilled, independent communicators, and for entrepreneurs to see why adding professional PR counsel is a key to succeeding at the highest level.”

Brett Knowles, CEO, “Darnell has revealed where his magical body of work has come from – it comes from that systemic understanding of the organizations he is communicating about. We are lucky to have him share with us the wisdom he has gained and his ‘tricks of the trade.’ Thanks for making it easier to follow in your footsteps!”

Angela Natividad, Co-Founder, Hurrah Group, Editor, L’Atelier BNP Paribas, Writer Advisor: “This is a well-rounded, heart-filled reference from an innate communications expert who understands the key to this business—community itself.”

Jacqueline Poole, Senior Editor, Manager of Social Programs, Patrick Faller Media: “In ‘The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan,’ Roger expertly breaks down the knowledge needed to build a PR business from the ground up, with both in-depth details on everything from writing contracts to finding new clients, in an engaging, friendly tone that makes this handbook approachable, informative and a joy to read.”

Karen Raz, Owner, Raz Public Relations: “After more than 20 years as a professional colleague and friend, I’ve admired how Roger continues to adapt and apply his expertise to the evolutions in technology and media that drive new approaches to public relations. With this book and its Explorations, Roger shares practical ideas and best practices for implementing a public relations strategy to help elevate any new business initiative or career path.”

G. Scott Shaw, President and Founder, Everclear Marketing, Inc.: “Full of real-world business lessons and high-level overviews of successful campaign strategies for different types of business clients, Roger provides the blueprint of success for the enterprising independent PR and communications professional to build a business that achieves professional rewards and personal freedom beyond what most traditional employees ever achieve.”

Anthony Vagnoni, President, avagnoni communications: “‘The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan’ provides a solid bedrock for anyone getting into PR, particularly those starting their own agency. Roger has covered the bases in a way that’s truly impressive. I wish this was around when I got started!”

Jason White, Experiential Director; former Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Leviathan: “A new epoch is here. It’s time to make authentic, bold moves and manifest new realities. If you’re serious about taking your career to the next level, Roger Darnell’s expertise will guide you with vibrant light, illuminating your practice and revealing that it’s so much more than PR –– it’s an experiential journey of breakthroughs and discoveries.”

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