Post houses gear up for stereoscopic 3D

A remark made by Leo Burnett executive director Vincent Geraghty, producer of the recent Samsung 3D TV commercial, and reported online, brought attention to 3D stereoscopic work in Chicago into the open.

In an online recap of a producers meeting in New York, “Geraghty pointed out that there are currently no post houses in Chicago capable of displaying 3D content.”

While he said “my remark was taken out of context,” it had validity, as no local post house as yet has engaged in stereoscopic 3D (S3D) finishing.

But this doesn’t mean it isn’t coming — and very soon.

In fact, two post companies, Red Car and Filmworkers Club are actively on it and have targeted being S3D operational by year’s end.

Red Car may be ahead of the game at this point.

“We have installed new software to start implementing stereoscopic work,” says Chris Elliott, Red Car’s director of finishing.

All branches of the company had been researching S3D since before NAB in April, he says. “Stereoscopic was a main focus of our NAB trip we were surprised at the amount of stereoscopic representation that was there.”

When they returned from NAB, the first thing they did was “to educate our clients as to what is ahead with this new technology. They look to us to stay on top of this and lead them through the process. We want to make sure we can deliver what’s in the best interest of our clients.”

Elliott believes that “as more television networks start to develop their S3D capability, more advertisers will be ready to get on board in 3D.”

He acknowledges that “stereoscopic is the new kid on the block and we have to be ready to work it, although I’m not sure if consumers are ready for it. We are trying to prepare ourselves and our clients as to when is the right time to break into stereoscopic. Do it the wrong way and you lose time, effort and money.”