Post Effects’ new owner AnswersMedia to invest millions to create top HD facility

Chicago’s postproduction landscape again seismically changes with the Dec. 15 sale of Mike Fayette’s old-line Post Effects to Jeff Bohnson’s techno-savvy AnswersMedia broadcast and interactive production company.

Starting first of the year, AnswersMedia will begin an ambitious multimillion dollar reshaping of Post Effects’ space into a HD communications services company.

Its aim is to “lead companies through the rapid changes in the media landscape with broadband and other video distribution platforms and state-of-the-art production facilities,” stated Bohnson, CEO of the three-year old company.

Post Effects founder/CEO Fayette and his veteran staff of 18 remain under the AnswersMedia banner to give the company a combined staff of 35.

“And we’re hiring personnel for all departments — sales, marketing, technical and editorial,” Bohnson said.

Besides Bohnson, top executives leading the company are COO Sean Murray, Bohnson’s old compadre from the glory days of Orbis Broadcasting, and EVP/sales and marketing Ryan Satterfield.

Fayette’s new title has yet to be determined.

Its personnel has started trickling into their new quarters from their previous location for the past year in the Kendall College building.