“Poltergeist III” helmer Gary Sherman returns
to feature directing with serial killer pic “39”

Horror veteran Gary Sherman (“Poltergeist III”) returns to feature directing after 15 years with the DV serial killer movie “39,” which wrapped production here in early April.

The “39” of the title is the killer’s victim count?the picture starts at 36 and climbs from there.

“The film is told from the killer’s point of view?he’s making a movie documenting his last three days on the planet,” said producer Matt Loze. “He’s a video maniac and he has a total of nine cameras going at all times in his killing room,” Loze said.

Loze is producing with Sherman, Geoff Brandt and Anthony Howell through their Epitaph Films LLC.

“39” marks Sherman’s first foray into independent film after a storied Hollywood pedigree. A Chicago native, Sherman recently moved back after years in Los Angeles as a director, writer and producer in film and television.

He’s best known for films like “Death Line” (1972, screened at the 2004 IFP/Chicago Filmmakers Conference, also known as “Raw Meat”); “Dead & Buried” (1981); “Wanted: Dead or Alive” (1987) and “Poltergeist III” (1988). TV credits include “Missing Persons” and the Sci-Fi Channel’s late ?90s “Poltergeist” series.

“Whether the home for ?39′ is on DVD or whether this is a festival film, we’ll see,” Loze said. He represents Sherman through Course Management. The two have worked together since the “Poltergeist” series.

“39” shot for ten days beginning in late March, entirely in the former police station at Foster and Damen that has been the site of several recent productions.

Script is by Larry Brothers. Martin Cummins and Lawrence McGowan lead a cast that Loze said includes “six [live] people and a lot of dead people.”