PLAY HARD Vodka Seltzer partners with Chicago White Sox

PLAY HARD, a new line of premium vodka seltzers combining sophisticated flavors and the iconic Playboy brand, announces its expansion to the Illinois market.

PLAY HARD prominently features an original pop art Bunny Head on its 12-ounce slim cans, with plans for other notable art-inspired graphics to be featured on subsequent releases. Crafted with gluten-free vodka, sparkling water and all-natural flavors, PLAY HARD is a standout product with a playful spirit.

Drawing inspiration from Playboy’s rich archival collection that included rare artwork from some of the most important 20th century artists, PLAY HARD elegantly combines best-in-class flavor profile and packaging.

“The RTD market has experienced explosive growth over the last few years, becoming one of the largest categories in the alcohol beverage space. We believe there is room for a much better product in terms of the quality of the ingredients and sophistication of the flavors,” said Marc Bushala, CEO of Playboy Spirits and Spirits Investment Partners. “The PLAY HARD brand is a celebration of being cheeky and spontaneous, a tribute to the occasions when people will enjoy this product.”

Playboy Spirits is a joint venture between Spirits Investment Partners (SIP), a Chicago-based beverage innovator, and Playboy, which was founded in Chicago and headquartered in the city for many years. The original Playboy Mansion located in the city’s Gold Coast neighborhood was a cultural hub, attracting celebrities, intellectuals, and artists from around the world. The launch of PLAY HARD in Illinois marks a significant milestone as it returns to Playboy’s iconic roots. Drawing inspiration from the legacy brand, it celebrates creativity and individuality with its bold flavors and branding featuring original pop art.

PLAY HARD Named the Official RTD Sponsor of the Chicago White Sox

PLAY HARD has reached a new multiyear partnership agreement with the Chicago White Sox, naming the vibrant, new Chicago-based vodka seltzer brand the new official RTD sponsor of the White Sox. As part of the partnership, PLAY HARD will receive prominent brand exposure at Guaranteed Rate Field through in-stadium video boards and TV-visible signage. PLAY HARD will also be featured on the White Sox social media platforms throughout the season.

“We’re thrilled to announce our multiyear partnership with PLAY HARD as the official ready-to-drink sponsor of the Chicago White Sox,” explains George McDoniel, White Sox senior director of corporate partnerships and sales. “The demand for RTD vodka seltzers is exploding amongst baseball fans. PLAY HARD is an exciting new brand with iconic Chicago roots that will bring a vibrant gameday energy and atmosphere to the ballpark that makes baseball such a beloved pastime in this city.”

Reaching over 21 million people in its marketing territory, the Chicago White Sox stands out as one of the nation’s most beloved Major League Baseball teams. PLAY HARD’s partnership with the White Sox marks a significant milestone, celebrating Playboy’s historic roots in Chicago, PLAY HARD’s launch in Illinois and the spirit of baseball.

“Partnering with the Chicago White Sox offers a truly legendary opportunity to unite two iconic homegrown brands, Playboy and the White Sox. It’s very exciting for a Chicago-based company like ours. The spirited atmosphere at the stadium, coupled with the community’s palpable energy, perfectly embodies the essence of our PLAY HARD consumer,” said Devon Belter, Global Brand Director of PLAY HARD.