Pixel Brothers makes two big moves

Pixel Brothers has moved on beyond the painful loss of a major account by making two simultaneously expansive moves ? one that enlarges its commercial production capability and the other that gives it a presence in Los Angeles.

Both should help fill the vacancy left by the upcoming July move of Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos’ syndicated shows to Stamford, Conn.

Just added is 24-year veteran tabletop director Michael Azzariti, bringing with him digital and file-based workflow, motion control, high-speed photography and special effects.

Azzariti headed Black Bag Films since 2007 in a completely equipped studio inside an old horse farm he owns in East Dundee. He’s been a tabletop director since the mid-?90s, when internationally famous tabletop director Peter Elliott promoted him from rigger to shooter.

As a core member of Elliott’s team, Azzariti was open to the different opportunities that allowed him to collaborate with some of the city’s best riggers and directors, and work on commercials for Fortune 500 companies.

Azzariti graduated the U of I/Chicago with a degree in photography and spent much of his early career shooting for retail catalogs, theater portraits and headshots, weddings and directed some technical lighting for the Chicago Opera Theater before joining Peter Elliott.