Pixel Brothers makes Chicago-L.A. ties

Former Jerry Springer producer Richard Dominick is one of several Chicago-Hollywood producers teaming with Pixel Brothers (PBI) as the studio moves into the realm of entertainment in Chicago and L.A.

PBI is presently working on a slate of 25 new TV shows and movie concepts, ranging in budgets up to $20 million, reported John Patterson, Pixel’s development director.

“Our intent is to create, develop and sell original content that can be produced by our company in Chicago and/or on location,” said Patterson, who opened shop for PBI in L.A. last month, PBI’s first West Coast presence.

His initial relationships with producers, directors and investment entities has seen “pretty amazing results so far,” Patterson said. “Production is imminent on several unscripted TV reality shows, currently in final development stages, to be shot in Chicago, starting in late summer,” he added.

Teaming with Hollywood Farms of L.A., Pixel Brothers will handle much of the below-the-line for their freshman co-production, “Amsterdam,” written by Hollywood Farms’ producer Kirkland Tibbels and screenwriter Justin Ware. Budgeted at $20 million, it will shoot in Amsterdam next year.

Some of the reality TV shows will come from Richard Dominick Productions. Dominick and PBI have had a productive client-vendor relationship for 15 years.

Dominick had spent 18 years as producer for “The Jerry Springer Show,” for which Pixel produced field shots and edited the show, and on “The Steve Wilkos Show” that began in 2007, edited by PBI.

Dominick struck out on his own prior to syndicator NBC/Universal’s announcement last February that it was moving the two shows to Stamford, Conn.

Dominick said about PBI, “They’re a top notch editing and production house, with more equipment than a lot of places in L.A. They need to be known outside Chicago.”

The Springer-Wilkos move was a major loss to Pixel as it comprised about 50% of its total business. “We’ve moved on and we’re selling Chicago in L.A. as a key production center, especially to people who aren’t aware of its many established capabilities and resources,” said Patterson.

Pixel Brothers’ partners, producer/directors Andrew Ryann, David Moravec and Mike Torchia, have worked together for more than 12 years. Pixel’s business covers production of TV commercials and shows, corporate communications, interactive and website strategy.

In 2007, the partners expanded their physical space to 12,000-sq. ft. of space in a former silver storage warehouse.

Pixel Brothers is located at 400 W. Wolcott. See