LA Director Anthony Pietromonaco joins Seed’s Roster

Anthony Pietromonaco

Anthony Pietromonaco

“Renaissance man”
joins the
production company

Award winning visual and narrative director Anthony Pietromonaco has found a home at Seed.

Believing that practical experience helps build a solid foundation for film and commercial directing, Pietromonaco worked as a PA, grip, camera operator, cinematographer, editor, VFX artist, and producer before turning to professional writing and directing.

Since then, he has worked for a variety of top clients including Porsche, Peroni, Nordstrom, Verizon, Samsung MasterCard, Droid, and Motorola.

Pietromonaco’s practical sense of production and his penchant for storytelling — combined with a style that merges breathtaking photography and the latest in technology and visual effects — have enabled him to become one of the busiest working directors today.

Recent notable achievements include the surreal and futuristic visions for 3D shopping technology developer Cappacity that helped realize one of today’s most inspiring depictions of augmented reality.



“I believe in leading from the front, always with an efficient and clear communication of purpose,” he says. “I feel honored to be joining the other elite group of artists on Seed’s roster.”

Remarkably, besides his interests in science fiction, futuristic, and fantasy work, Pietromonaco has vast expertise in real-life documentaries and a knack for dealing with non-actors.

“I’ve shot hundreds of mini-docs for small business owners when I started my career. Some say I’ve built a reputation for making heroes out of ordinary persons,” says Pietromonaco.

According to Seed owner and Executive Producer Roy Skillicorn, Pietromonaco, is “a true Renaissance man.”

“Anthony is a totally unique thinker maybe because of his diverse background,” says Skillicorn. “He seems to have an answer for every visual or logistical problem. His storytelling and messaging are consistently central. His striking visuals are always introduced to enhance. He is both collaborative and communicative, artistic and eager to problem solve. Thus, I believe, he is the perfect fit for today’s marketplace and its highly complex directorial demands”.

Raised in Pittsburgh and currently based in Los Angeles, Pietromonaco is also an experienced martial artist who has studied various disciplines for more than twenty years.

Headquartered in Chicago with offices in LA, Seed produces exceptional visual commercial content created by distinctive filmmakers and connects it to brands. Management demands highly sophisticated production within a flawless and congenial process. Seed’s award-winning directorial talent includes Anthony Pietromonaco, Tim Abshire, Hans Emanuel, Jason Lindsey, Rick Wayne, Kristina Perreault, Corey Rich, George Mays, Gabriel Borrgetto and Jack Newell.