Picture North gets hot with FCB, Jack Daniel’s

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Director Nate Camponi turns up the heat with distillery workers, who also volunteer as firefighters, at Jack Daniel’s in Tennessee.

On a cold winter morning in Tennessee, Picture North and FCB Chicago teamed up with the local distillery workers at Jack Daniel’s to fight fire with fire. Every bottle of Jack Fire helps the distillery support the National Volunteer Fire Council, which provides valuable programs and resources for America’s volunteer firefighters.

While the Jack Daniel’s brand is recognized across the world, few people know that a small group of workers also volunteer in their special firefighting brigade, designed to protect both the distillery and the local community.



Picture North’s director, Nate Camponi, was tasked with bringing the duality of this job to life: “The story intrigued me straight away,” said Camponi. “These guys create one of the world’s most famous whiskies, but also volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way to protect it. It was a great documentary narrative with a great message for a great cause.”

The shoot took place over the course of two days with the gang from FCB Chicago and crew fully immersing themselves in the Jack Daniel’s way of life. “I like how it’s got a wink and wry smile,” said Camponi. “We created a really honest tone that I think captures the character of the distillery and the fire station perfectly. Trevor Forrest, my DP, was amazing as always and I can’t forget to thank Sam Willey our MoVi op, for literally running into burning sets and coming out with a smirk on his face.”

The spot was released on Jack Daniel’s official website and other online outlets with direct links that allow viewers to donate to the National Volunteer Fire Council.

“Nate Camponi was a great match for a brand like Jack Fire,” said Neha Datt Schultz, Picture North’s Executive Producer. “He brings consummate professionalism with a touch of fun. Filming on the hallowed grounds of the Jack Daniel’s distillery came with its own set of unique production challenges and safety concerns, especially when filming real fire training drills and distillery workers in spaces that are highly combustible. I think consumers will really respond to a brand that has such close ties to some of America’s greatest and most revered heroes… firefighters.”

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