Philadelphia cream cheese announces Feeladelphia dining experience

Over the past few years, the world has been on autopilot. Many consumers have forgotten what it feels like to, well, feel. Philadelphia cream cheese, a Kraft Heinz Company brand, is interrupting life’s cruise control by opening a multisensorial dining concept, Feeladelphia by Philadelphia cream cheese, where you don’t order food, you order feelings.

In addition to the restaurant, the brand is also releasing The Feeladelphia Experience: An Immersive Cookbook, a limited-edition ‘journey through the senses’ that can be experienced at home, inviting people to engage in cooking, eating and feeling through food in an entirely new way.

This one-of-a-kind experience is created in partnership with Jeremiah Stone and Fabián Von Hauske Valtierra, head chefs and owners of Michelin-starred Contra and Wildair. To bring Feeladelphia to life, diners will be taken on a sensorial and experiential journey of cream cheese-infused dishes curated just for this event. Guests will explore, taste, and discover a range of feelings with each new dish, as they are fully immersed with captivating visuals, stimulating sounds and sensorial surprises to enhance each feeling.

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“Our brand platform, ‘You Don’t Just Taste It. You Feel It,’ was inspired by consumer narratives describing how Philadelphia cream cheese goes beyond incredible taste to stimulate the senses and evoke feeling in every bite,” said Keenan White, Senior Brand Manager, Philadelphia. “We wanted to bring that idea to life in a novel way, so we partnered with two renowned chefs to explore how Philadelphia can transform dishes into a range of feelings. We’re excited to share this unique and immersive experience with our fans through both the Feeladelphia restaurant and an experiential cookbook.

Throughout the experience, guests will be taken through a multi-course tasting menu featuring dishes such as allure, curiosity, and spontaneity. As a sneak peak, allure is the restaurant’s opening dish, featuring an enticing combination of cream cheese-infused spreads that not only tempt the taste buds with a duality of textures, but also entice the eyes as they’re placed atop a homemade baked cracker ina captivating checker-pattern. The dish is then topped with Kaluga caviar, adding an additional pop of flavor and texture that compliments the dueling spreads. Throughout the menu, guests will experience a range of textures, temperatures, visuals, and flavors, opening their worlds to Philadelphia’s unique ability to transform any dish into a feeling.

“For us, feelings and food are always connected, so when the team at Philadelphia presented this concept, we felt inspired to create a bespoke menu based onreal feelings versus specific ingredients,” said Chef Fabián Von Hauske Valtierra. “The dishes all feature Philadelphia Cream Cheese and allow guests to explore in an entirely new way,” added Chef Jeremiah Stone.

Feeladelphia will be open in New York City for a limited time only from July 14-16. Reservations are on a first-come first-serve basis and Philadelphia fans can visit OpenTableat 12:00 p.m. ET on July 11, 2022 to book a reservation for the three-hour multi-sensorial experience. The Feeladelphia dining experience will be $35 per person, with all proceeds donated to charity.

For those unable to visit the restaurant, fans can engage their senses at home with the limited-edition Feeladelphia Experience: An Immersive Cookbook.

Unlike an ordinary cookbook -in addition to featuring a variety of recipes, including some of those served at the Feeladelphia restaurant, fans will engage all of their senses from cover to cover with stimulating storytelling that includes edible pages, interactive scents, curated sonic experiences and much more! The cookbook will be available for pre-order beginning July 11, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. ET, by visiting

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