Patrick Lives On announces the 6th Annual Film Showcase and Fundraiser

Mark your calendar, the 6th Annual Patrick Lives On Film Showcase and Fundraiser, sponsored and hosted by Resolution Digital Studios and Cinespace Film Studios, takes place on Saturday, March 11, 2023. 

Patricia Frontain, Founder and President of Patrick Lives On says, “We are particularly excited for this year’s event being held during the celebration of Patrick Lives On’s 6th year in existence. We are thrilled that Cinespace and Resolution Digital Studios continue to sponsor our event each year. This fundraising event is an opportunity for our local film community to share their works with their work peers, friends and family while helping to raise funds for a worthy cause. My son Patrick lives on to encourage all film makers to create and share their non-violent themed short stories through film.”

Eight years ago the senseless death of one boy affected thousands. His mother’s grief turned into a desire to move forward in his name. A desire to help at least one teen be saved. A desire to help other mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends to never feel what her family felt. A desire for everyone to know that senseless acts of violence are happening everywhere.

From that desire to help others, Patrick Lives On was established in April, 2016. In a short time, Patrick Lives On was an active non-profit helping teens. In the 6 years since it began, the organization has helped hundreds of teens. The 6th Annual Film Showcase & Fundraiser will make it possible for Patricia and Patrick Lives On to continue their mission.

The fundraiser is also an exhilarating way to hang with local Chicagoland Film Industry professionals. Relax while enjoying beer and wine along with food provided by numerous Chicago fine eating establishments. View two hours of local film maker’s latest shorts films, commercials, feature teasers and videos, and chances to win outstanding raffle prizes including Camera Rental Packages valued at $5,000, $10,000 and more!

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