A pair of veteran filmmakers forsake freelancing
to form an HD boutique production company

A year ago producer/director/DP Jerry Donahue and producer/editor Genevieve Wolff relinquished their lengthy freelance careers and merged their respective expertise into a boutique specializing in HD production, post and web content.

Now that they have put the finishing touches on their West Loop studio, the filmmakers this week formally announced their new company, metroSpace media.

“We were like-minded friends who wanted to start a company and concentrate on certain ideals ? by building relationships and working closely with clients. That’s what it’s all about anyway,” says Donahue.

“Now that we’re fully settled in, we’re focusing our energy on creating cutting-edge HD content for ad agencies, broadcast and our corporate clients,” says producer/editor Wolff.

Their 2,100-sq. ft. metroSpace media studio accommodates two Final Cut Pro edit suites ? with plans for a third in the future, a 40×20-ft. green screen shooting area, meeting area, offices and kitchen.

They own their own camera package, an HVX Panasonic P2, with a Red Rock 35mm adapter and Nikon primes “to give us a real nice look,” notes Donahue