p3 mediaworks generates studio quality content remotely


Men’s skin care company, Tiege Hanley continues to make life less complicated, most recently teaming up with local video agency p3 mediaworks to rethink the filmmaking process; producing a video ad using a fully remote production approach. 

p3’s creative concept, promoting Tiege Hanley’s uncomplicated men’s skin care and grooming brand, embraces the current remote conditions of the world as the storyline backdrop. The p3 team designed a fully remote virtual film set to make it possible.

Chicago-based actor, Tony Carter of Gray Talent Group was “onset” in his living room, while Corey Gilbert and Andrew Lucas from p3 mediaworks directed his performance from their home offices. Meanwhile, Tiege Hanley Co-Founder Rob Hoxie was simultaneously able to weigh in – also remotely. p3 produced a behind-the-scenes video capturing the unique production process.


“Tiege Hanley decided to green light this project because we are committed to maintaining communication and engagement with our customers despite the current climate,” shares Rob Hoxie, Tiege Hanley co-founder. “Tiege Hanley offers sensible, simple and affordable solutions that help men look good and feel confident – whether it’s for a ZOOM conference call or virtual dating.”

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The Tiege ad will debut on multiple social channels in early May, as remote life continues for most American consumers. The online retailer is used to mixing things up, using a DTC strategy and YouTube to carve out a robust voice in the marketplace since their launch in 2016.

“It feels great to be producing a project like this right now,” says Curtis Gilbert, Executive Producer at p3 mediaworks. “If this helps to keep the wheels of our industry turning then we feel as though we’re part of the solution.”

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