One at Optimus’ Mark & Amanda keep it real in IL

“Are You Up For Amazing?”

Last fall, Optimus directing duo Mark Pallman and Amanda Speva spent nearly two weeks filming throughout the Land of Lincoln for the Illinois Office of Tourism campaign Are You Up For Amazing?

Inspired to shoot “all that makes the state so special” — a concept presented by JWT Chicago’s Mike Beamer and Carolyn James in what Amanda describes as “a beautiful vision” — the directors relied on a documentary technique to capture unscripted spontaneity.

“There are no scout days on a travel job like this,” says Mark. “We worked in tandem with the agency to decide what was essential to the story at each location.”

Equipped with two vans, a box truck, an eleven-person Midwestern crew and a “road map” from JWT Chicago, the entourage worked from sunup to sundown for eleven days, taking whatever the state would give them.

The resulting series of spots, edited by Nate Cali, mix a whirlwind of beauty and thrills.



Kayakers underneath skyscrapers and hikers between boulders mingle with musicians at Buddy Guy’s and tourists by The Bean. The Mississippi River, Wrigley Field and Route 66 serve as backdrops for other scenes, including one that features Abraham Lincoln.

A tune created for the campaign by Chicago band The Gold Web underscores the visuals. With soaring vocals and a sonic synthesizer layered over a funky dance beat, it helps the spots achieve millennial coolness without trying too hard.

Amanda Speva and Mark PallmanMark and Amanda have been directing together since they joined Optimus as interns nearly a decade ago.

Their first major success was an internal promotional video that became a Vimeo staff pick and achieved viral popularity. Early commercial work includes an Illinois Lottery campaign called Big Dreams that aired locally during the Super Bowl and two national spots for US Bank.

They have also filmed several “mini docs” that, according to Speva, helped them refine “the instincts to know what feels real.” This is essential to the campaign’s lifestyle genre, which both directors define as a genuine, unscripted mood.

“One of Amanda’s famous things to tell actors is, ‘stop pointing, it looks fake,’” says Mark through laughter.

Besides shooting unexpected beauty, like a sunset they caught over Galena, Mark and Amanda went for spontaneity by working with actors and non-actors alike.

A Japanese tourist in front of The Bean

“At the Bean, we had actors, but we were also free to cherry-pick real people,” Amanda explains. “We filmed a tourist from Japan who was experiencing Chicago for the first time.”

The native Midwesterners also deviated from the initial direction during moments that sparked their connections to the region.

“We tried to include our own personal experiences living in the great state of Illinois,” says Mark. Amanda chimes in, “personal details set the tone for an anthemic piece.”

According to Mark, working with the editor through post is a huge part of keeping things real. “The edit becomes part of the collaboration,” he explains. Fortunately, they kept it in Optimus with Nate Cali, who Amanda calls “a genius.”

“When you get two weeks of footage just dropped on your lap and, ‘here, make a thirty second commercial,’” she continues. “He devoured it and turned it into art.”

Filming over the Chicago RiverAs a result, Are You Up For Amazing? may contain more excitement than any vacation could possibly deliver. But no one seems to mind. Besides running the campaign throughout the Midwest, the Office of Tourism plans to broadcast it overseas on a $15 million budget.

“This was truly a dream project and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing client, cast and crew,” the directors emphasize.

Client: IOT
   Director Illinois Office of Tourism: Cory Jobe
   Local Tourism Division Manager: Jan Kemmerling
   Marketing Manager: Lisa Link

Agency: JWT
   Sr. Copy Writer: Mike Beamer
   Freelance Art Director: Ann Sedgwick
   Content Producer: Carolyn James
   Account Director: Sarah Brick
   Account Supervisor: Laura Doede

Production: One at Optimus
   Directors: Mark Pallman & Amanda Speva
   DP: Travis Cline
   EP/Managing Director: Lisa Masseur
   Executive Producer: Jonah Mueller
   Line Producer: Damian Huck

Post-Production: Optimus
   Editor: Nate Cali
   Post Producer: Tracy Spera
   Assistant Editors: Lindsay Rynne, Jenny Schaye
   Audio: Marina Bacci
   Audio Assistant: Zach Scheitlin
   Finishing Editors: Glen Noren, Ed Nichols

Color: Nice Shoes at Optimus
   Color: Ron Sudul
   Color Assistant: Alex Frankland

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