Optimism high for fourth quarter upturn

Mark Androw says he usually doesn’t speculate about how business will shape up in the future. “But this year is different,” states the AICP Midwest Chapter president and STORY executive producer.

Androw is one of several production/post executives feeling positive effects of the recessive economy charging forward in the fourth quarter, right on target as predicted by financial pundits.

Economists said that the economy would begin an upturn in August. Already in early July, advertisers are releasing advertising budgets in preparation for what optimistically appears will be the best spot-production fourth quarter in two years or more.

Androw reports that STORY, which recently added post production services, has on tap “a number of projects that have already signed for September and October production,” and adds that business is coming in from all over.

This optimism is shared by other production/post houses, based upon bids and boards now flowing into agency suppliers. Some evidence of a turnaround: