One Tree produces “Gatorade: Beat the Heat”

On the set of "Beat the Heat"

On the set of “Beat the Heat”

The production company
helps the sports drink
take its first
humorous approach
to the educational
program in 14 years.


Just in time for summer football practice, One Tree Forest Films partnered with the Watt Brothers — J.J. (Houston), Derek (Los Angeles Chargers) and T.J. (Pittsburgh) — to produce a comic piece to support Gatorade’s Beat the Heat Program.

The goal of the program is to educate athletes about working out in the heat and the importance of hydration and heat safety.

This is the 14th year of the Beat the Heat program and the first time Gatorade has taken a more comedic approach to promoting it with the goal of driving more awareness and interest around heat safety and hydration.

In the first, the three brothers are seen looking down and trying to gauge a color of something, with Crayola accuracy. As the camera pulls back, they are seen walking away from a flushing urinal as they consult the fourth Watt, their father. He displays a urine color chart that shows the colors of proper to unhealthy hydration levels. While it’s informative, it’s also a bit grossly funny.



In a second, J.J. and Derek are training with tackling dummies as T.J. stumbles in looking disoriented. The other two brothers note that the sweats he’s wearing are too heavy for the heat, and they lecture him about dressing correctly for the weather. He comes back wearing a ridiculous striped shirt and shorts.



The dynamic between the brothers on set was so great that One Tree Forest also created a bloopers reel to compliment the videos.



The PSAs are part of the 14th annual Gatorade ‘Beat the Heat’ program, which educates athletes across all sports about the importance of hydration during the hot, summer months.

Beat the Heat – The Watt Brothers
Client: Gatorade

Production Company: One Tree Forest Films
   Executive Producer – Chad Cooper
   Executive Producer – Abby Cooper
   Director – Jaron Henrie-McCrea
   Producer – Chris Kauten
   Director of Photography – Chad Cooper
   Assistant Director – Chris Kauten
   Camera Operator – Chad Cooper
   1st Assistant Camera – Chris Polmanski
   2nd Assistant Camera – Corey Millikin
   Gaffer – Mark Davis
   Key Grip – Stephen Wester
   Grip – Ryan Winnicki
   Art Director – Lena Rush-Smith
   Location Audio – Robert Aguilar
   Key Production Assistant – Johnny Weichel
   Production Assistant – George Bicknell

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