With one success under its belt, RDS
to produce proprietary feature films

Resolution Digital Studios (RDS) is testing the waters of independent film production. If its first project proves successful, the studio could take the plunge into proprietary film production.

“Our plan is to make this studio a little Miramax,” said Michael Huxley, whose mission is to develop long-term projects for the studio.

First up under the RDS banner is “Gangs North,” a story about Chicago’s specialized Gangs Unit that was created in the late ?70s to combat gang violence of epic proportions.

Huxley, whose title is head of motion picture development, is in the midst of producing and directing “Gangs.” He said he spent six years researching the story.

“Gangs North” was written by Rusty Gorman, whose stalled debut feature, “Home of the Giants,” was jump-started to completion recently with RDS’ involvement.

Produced on a budget of $3.7 million, “Home of the Giants” stars Haley Joel Osment, now 19, in his first movie in two years. Gorman wrote and directed and partner Dan Schalk produced and edited. Huxley was associate producer.