Odd Machine’s Fahey to direct “Nine Twelve” feature

Sean Patrick Fahey, director of “Nine Twelve”

Director Sean Patrick Fahey, of hybrid production studio Odd Machine, will direct and co-produce “Nine Twelve,” an indie feature which explores the lives of three people who must confront a tragedy related to events around September 11.

Sean’s newly formed Boat Tattoo Productions, LLC, will handle production in association with Chicago’s Odd Machine.  Budget is not yet determined.  Boat Tattoo plans to start filming in early spring 2012.

The screenplay was written by executive producer Khurram Mozzafar, owner of Nine Twelve Production LLC and longtime Chicago actor (“The DNA Trail,” “The Chicago Code”), writer, and practicing lawyer.

Mozzafar’s “Nine Twelve” script was on the short list for the prestigious 2010 Nichols Fellowship sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Mozzafar and Fawzia Mirza, co-producer on the project, approached Fahey last October about “Nine Twelve.” Fahey was intrigued by the script, which involves three characters: Bilal (played by Mozzafar), a Muslim American soldier; his headstrong wife Malika (Mirza); and Jason (yet to be cast), an unemployed construction worker enraged by 9/11.

Drama explores 9/11 through a Muslim American lens

 “The story is how Sept. 11, 2001 changed many lives, and the stories woven in ‘Nine Twelve’ intersect around a tragic moment on Sept. 12,” said Fahey, who joined the Odd Machine team in January 2011. “Malika and Bilal are forced to live a cold, bleak existence while, conversely, Jason converts to Islam and begins to connect with his family.”

What excited Fahey about undertaking this project, he said, “is exploring Sept. 11 through the lens of a Muslim American who experienced first-hand the alienation spawned by media red alerts and the mass hysteria following that tragic day.”

Fahey previously collaborated with Fawzia — an actor, producer, writer, performer, activist, and longtime Chicagoan — on the 2007 feature documentary “A Message from the East” about mid-century poet/philosopher Muhammad Iqbal.

Producer of “Nine Twelve” is Kevin Schroeder (“Takin’ it to the Streets”), and cinematographer is Wonjung Bae (2011 student Oscar winner for best documentary). Odd Machine and Boat Tattoo Productions will handle all production elements, and Nine Twelve LLC will handle distribution.

Their goal is to finish the film for showcasing at Los Angeles’ American Film Market event in November 2012; the team is hoping for a strong festival run.

Odd Machine in third year of business

Fahey and Schroeder produced the 2011 indie feature “Bailout,” a doc/hybrid comedy about five Chicagoans who are fed up with “bailout” banks trying to foreclose on them and go to Las Vegas with cash withheld from bailed out banks, to give themselves a bailout of their own.

Odd Machine was founded in 2008 by Debra Shegich, Chris Shegich, and Seth Henrikson. The company just finished five webisodes for psoriasis prescription drug Stelara starring CariDee English, “America’s Next Top Model” winner, via Draft/FCB.

Other recent projects include a TV spot for Papa John’s Pizza/Scofield Editorial, and a music video for Major Lazer/Schilling Film, Chicago. 

Additionally, comedy feature “Bulls,” is in development, with Adam Scott (“Party Down”) and fellow Chicagoan Michael Shannon (“Boardwalk Empire”) slated to star.

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