O’Connor Casting to hold local auditions Sept. 24 for “Miss Horrorfest 2007” for After Dark Flms

“MISS HORRORFEST 2007” is being sought in Chicago by O’Connor Casting as part of a nationwide search for a spokesperson to represent After Dark Films.

Auditions will be held Sept. 24, 5-7 p.m. at O’Connor’s West Loop offices, says casting director Christine Rumore, who is holding down the fort while David O’Connor is on a three-week African safari.

The new scream queen — who wins a $50,000 contract — will also reign at a national “8 Films to Die For” festival, and at premieres, horror and comic book conventions, make broadcast appearances.

DANIEL COFFEY has stepped down after 11 years as board chairman of the International Film Festival. Long-term board members Jeanne Randall Malkin and Ross Miller will serve as co-chairs through the end of the current season.

REGISTRATION AT FLASHPOINT ACADEMY has been so high this past week, and with classes starting Sept. 17 the Saturday Sept 17 Open House and tour has been cancelled.

Prospective students and their parents have numbered as many as 100 for previous tours, led by president Howard Tullman and the Academy’s goal of 150 students the first year is thisclose to being reached.

A final Open House and tour has been scheduled, however, for Saturday, Sept. 29. Call 312/332-0707 for more info.

CASTING DIRECTOR CLAIRE SIMON, who found 150 local actors for “Prison Break,” is back in the TV show mode. Her company cast two Chicago actresses for leading roles in “Family Practice,” the upcoming Lifetime series from Sony.

Joey Honsa (Stewart Talent) and Karin Anglin (Aria) were selected for two juicy lead roles by Evanston native writer/executive Jeff Lieber and director Bart Freundlich who were in Chicago for the casting sessions.