Norinsky’s Backstar Creative Media preps a new system to deliver low cost HD video webcasts

Come July, with only two suitcases of hardware, a dedicated bandwidth and a T1 internet connection, Mitch Norinsky’s Backstar Creative Media will launch a system for producing HD video webcasts.

“It’s important to note that HD videos can be delivered at very low bandwidth requirements,” Norinsky says.

Backstar’s system will support up to five different users, enabling companies to communicate with multiple locations around the globe.

By using an HD camera, networking card and appliance, all of which can fit in a suitcase, a simple T1 connection, and a dedicated bandwidth, corporate users will be able to conduct large-scale events and conferencing on short notice and in the best visual quality available.

TelePresence, one of the leaders in this arena, can create a virtual teleconference environment for clients around the globe at cost of roughly $350,000 for setup. Backstar, however, can build a similar studio environment for under $100,000, notes Norinsky.

“We have clients ready to go forward” to use the new technology for corporate webcasting, he says. He will invest upwards of $50,000 into the new technology in the next six months.

“Most people’s expectations now are for Youtube quality video,” he says. “When we show our clients that there is something better available they are blown away.”

“The problem is people don’t know this technology exists,” says Norinsky, who didn’t want to go into specifics about it. “It’s not essentially cheap but it can be affordable and I think there is a demand for quality assurance.”

Backstar Media, a full-service production company, broke off from parent company Video Replay in 2001. It has a versatile small staff of five ? artists, engineers and technical experts ? each with a strong background in the web, mainly live webcasting.

“I’m not saying we’re the best but we offer a good value and a highly creative group of guys,” says Norinsky. “I think our clients like that.”

Backstar Creative Media located at 118 W. Grand; phone, 800/955-8900. See