Noisefloor talks about growth and their new facility

Noisefloor had an incredible 2020 despite the pandemic. Their fast-growing clientele and workload has caused a need to make a move and expand their facility. Still in the heart of River North, Noisefloor has found their new home at 320 W Ohio St.

This building had the key resources Noisefloor needed to continue working on projects, but expansion came with a big demolition.

Clients, friends and the Chicago filmmaking community have been waiting patiently, trying to squeeze any information they can out of the Noisefloor team. Now that they are approaching the final stages of construction, they are ready to announce the big surprises to come.

So what can we expect from the new space, you ask? Noisefloor partner, sound designer, and supervising sound editor, Bryen Hensley gives us some details. “Our biggest, and probably most exciting new addition, is our new theatrical mixing and screening room. This room will be perfect for our clients as it can hold up to 30 people.”

Stosh Tuszynski, Noisefloor sound designer and mixer, chimes in to add, “not to mention it will be fully equipped with Dolby Atmos, a Christie 4K laser projector, Dante integration, and of course, cinema style seating.”

“We will even be adding DCP creation to our services,” Hensley adds, “so it will be easy to create the DCP and then have our clients sit back, relax and watch their work all in the same day.”

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With a growing staff, new clientele and the new services offered, Noisefloor’s new space will be fully equipped for their team with all of the resources imaginable, including a brand new, custom built Foley stage.

Katie Waters, creative producer and Foley artist says, “I’m looking forward to having a dedicated space to perform, record, and edit Foley that will also be a home for existing and new props. It’s going to be a dream come true!”

All dreams are coming true for the Noisefloor team, including partner, sound designer and re-recording mixer, Jamie Vanadia. “It’s an amazing thing to watch your actual dream being built. We’ve always talked about building a facility like this, and now we’re doing it.”

The 6,000 square foot space features multiple edit rooms, production rooms, recording booths, a beautiful screening room and more. For composer Devin Delaney, he is “BEYOND EXCITED to settle into my new home for music creation at Noisefloor. I am putting my 11 years of composing into laying out a collaborative and comfortable space that prioritizes my creative flow. I spend all of my time producing music in that space, so it’s going to be a great catalyst for inspiration.”

As the new space approaches the finish line and new shows, movies and commercials begin production in Chicago, Noisefloor’s newest team member and marketing strategist, Carly Glenn, reflects on an interaction she had with a client, “A client of ours just responded to an intro email of mine by saying, ‘welcome to the team, that is if a client can welcome a new employee,’ and I thought, ‘duh!’ That’s how we want all of our clients to feel; part of our team. Our new space will absolutely serve our Chicago team and future clients in ways post sound and music houses here haven’t been able to offer before.”

Noisefloor is also bringing back their internship program once it is safe to do so. This program has opened up opportunities for Noisefloor sound editors, Jeff Ryan and Victoria Salazar, who have both been a part of the company’s growth. “I’m excited to see the new space,” says Ryan, “It’s cool to watch a company expand and then actually have the opportunity to grow with it.”

“Being a part of the growth here has been super exciting,” Salazar adds, “I’m looking forward to working in our new Dolby Atmos stage and utilizing the Foley stage to record new sound libraries!”

Along with the internship program, Noisefloor is continuing to expand and search for new employees. Cory Coken, Noisefloor’s partner, supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer adds, “When we are up and running and finally in the ‘new normal,’ we are going to have hired some incredible talent. Hiring for us isn’t just ‘who can do the job?’ It’s finding people who fit into our family.”

Hopefully as we enter into the new normal, Noisefloor, along with other companies in the industry, will be able to come together in person to catch up on how everyone has made it through this incredibly trying time. Noisefloor certainly didn’t let 2020 and the pandemic get in their way, and they are excited to have a brand new and unique space as something for the Chicago community to look forward to. “As an owner, we always have to pay attention to our clients’ needs,” Coken concludes, “and we think these new services and rooms really accomplish that. As a sound designer and mixer, you always want the fun toys to make things sound amazing, and what we’ve built has it all.”

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