Noisefloor welcomes Carly Glenn to the family

1+ Noisefloor welcomes singer/songwriter, filmmaker, and writer Carly Glenn to the family. Carly has worked in production for almost 3 years and brings many talents to the table. “Carly is a great fit for us. Her willingness to wear multiple hats and learn new skills is exactly what we were looking for,” says Noisefloor partner … Continue reading “Noisefloor welcomes Carly Glenn to the family”

NoiseFloor has a new home in River North

3+ NoiseFloor has new digs. They are up and running in their new River North space and they couldn’t be more excited. After calling their studio space located at 308 W. Erie home for 10 years, NoiseFloor, the full service audio facility has moved to a new space in the River North neighborhood at 320 … Continue reading “NoiseFloor has a new home in River North”

Bryen Hensley becomes part owner of NoiseFloor

7+ 2020 has already brought about new and exciting changes at NoiseFloor LTD. For the first time since opening the doors in 2005, the River North sound facility is adding Bryen Hensley as part owner of NoiseFloor effective January 2, 2020. Co-owners Jamie Vanadia and Cory Coken announced the addition of their new partner in … Continue reading “Bryen Hensley becomes part owner of NoiseFloor”

NoiseFloor helps Jon Heder save the world

6+ The Chicago company “put all hands on deck” to handle music and sound for Kendall Goldberg’s feature starring the Napoleon Dynamite sensation NoiseFloor provided full post production sound services and music supervision for director Kendall Goldberg’s first feature film, When Jeff Tried to Save the World. Jeff is the story of an old-school bowling … Continue reading “NoiseFloor helps Jon Heder save the world”

NoiseFloor Ltd. brings AAA game to “Destiny 2”

4+ Over the second weekend of the month, more than one million Destiny 2 players conducted virtual warfare inside an audiovisual theater that was built with help from NoiseFloor Ltd. The Chicago-based company handled sound design and mixing for the game’s Bellevue, WA-based developer, Bungie. A first-person shooter spectacle where players serve as one of … Continue reading “NoiseFloor Ltd. brings AAA game to “Destiny 2””

NoiseFloor dials up the offerings with new studio

NoiseFloor Ltd. added a fifth audio room to its River North studio in September.

Designed for sound editorial, SFX creation and sound design, the new facility marks the year’s second major expansion for the company, which introduced an AR/VR/360 studio in January.

“We were in need of more support in the sound creation area,” explains Jamie Vanadia, who, along with Cory Coken, is a NoiseFloor partner. “We are expanding into a few markets by the end of this year.”

NoiseFloor brings a universe of sound into new studio

Among the discoveries that Cory Coken and a team of sound designers from NoiseFloor made while preparing to build a new augmented reality / virtual reality (AR/VR) studio was, “there’s a lot of voodoo out there.”

“That’s the fun thing,” he adds. “VR is kinda like the wild wild west. Everybody’s got different ideas and theories. There’s probably a million non-productive work flows.”

NoiseFloor intends to tame this sonic new wild west inside a recently launched 24 by 18-foot inhouse studio that boasts 15-foot ceilings and walls of reclaimed wood.

NoiseFloor mixes sound for national documentary

NOISEFLOOR’S JAMIE VANADIA mixed sound for a 20-minute video about survivors of the 2005 Pakistan earthquakes, produced by StepFilms and Media of Washington, D.C. , a company dedicated to making media with a conscience.

The doc was directed by filmmaker Stephanie Foerster, producer of docs, TV series and web-based viral media, and a longtime Noisefloor collaborator and a Uof I alumna.

Noisefloor partner Cory Coken estimates the renovation underway at their new 4,000-sq. ft. studio at 308 W. Erie should be completed within two weeks.

NoiseFloor is the new sound in town

Undaunted by advertising’s tough stretch, sound designer/mixer Jamie Vanadia feels “the timing is perfect” for the opening of his new audio post house, NoiseFloor.

“We can offer all the talent services of a big audio house but without the overhead costs,” he said of his move into Jim Olin’s long-established Rhythm Caf?’s consortium of music-makers at 62 W. Huron.

Apparently Vanadia’s strategy is working since he started with business in hand and future jobs on the books.

DePaul grad screens ‘Tom of Your Life’ at Music Box

0 Written and directed by acclaimed singer-songwriter Jer Sklar, Music Box Theatre will screen Chicago comedy Tom of Your Life from May 7-13. Featuring an original soundtrack with 11 original songs from his local band The Blackstrap Molasses, Sklar also edited, produced and stars.  Tom of Your Life tells the story of a baby who inexplicably ages four years on each … Continue reading “DePaul grad screens ‘Tom of Your Life’ at Music Box”

Applications now open for the Community Builders Grant

2+ The Community Builders Grant is a short-form film fund and production resources grant sponsored by Camera Ambassador. Their mission is to help build bridges between filmmakers and the community while elevating their production by arming them with the necessary tools to create. This grant supports artists with varying levels of experience, both to recognize accomplished … Continue reading “Applications now open for the Community Builders Grant”

Tandem’s Tyler Jay brings big comedy in JShip spot

0 Chicago-based JShip, a new online shipping service, has launched its first marketing campaign, featuring a new spot and social content directed by Tyler Jay, Commercial Director and Principle at Chicago-based Tandem, Inc. JShip’s agency of record, Detroit/San Diego-based D/CAL selected Tandem to execute their script and began collaborating with Jay in late 2020. “It … Continue reading “Tandem’s Tyler Jay brings big comedy in JShip spot”

Easy Mondays Secures Sarah Gitersonke of SG&Partners

0 Bespoke NY-based production company Easy Mondays has secured Sarah Gitersonke (SG&Partners) to represent the company in the Midwest. She joins an Easy Mondays sales team comprising Carl Forsberg and Justin Lasoff (Apostle) on the East Coast, and Marta Burga, who handles sales for the Hispanic market. The company is overseen by Founder/Executive Producer Asori Soto. “Adding … Continue reading “Easy Mondays Secures Sarah Gitersonke of SG&Partners”

Tandem’s Tyler Jay films three spots for KSV

0 In early 2020, the independent creative agency, KSV asked Tandem, Inc. and commercial director Tyler Jay to produce, through finish three :30 live action spots.  “This production was a long time coming,” said Tyler Jay. Two days before filming back in March, COVID shut it down, on the day of the pre-pro meeting. Then, … Continue reading “Tandem’s Tyler Jay films three spots for KSV”

Camera Ambassador Grant winner Raju faces challenges

2+ This past summer, director and writer Sean Sankalp Raju won the Camera Ambassador Community Builders Grant for his project A Nickname. The autobiographical short film tells the story of how the filmmaker received the moniker, Sean, as an Indian American child. In an economy where funding an independent film is especially difficult, Raju was … Continue reading “Camera Ambassador Grant winner Raju faces challenges”

Colonie’s remote capabilities tapped for State Farm

2+ The Marketing Arm called on The Colonie’s remote-savvy team to provide editing, color grading, and creative services for a recent State Farm spot with a message of encouragement and support for those financially impacted by COVID-19.   The two Chicago-based companies collaborated remotely on the :30 spot. Titled New Norm, the broadcast commercial features live-action … Continue reading “Colonie’s remote capabilities tapped for State Farm”

‘Echo Boomers’ wraps in Chicago, moves to post

4+ You may not be as familiar with the term from which Echo Boomers gets its title as you are with “generation Y,” or the all too ubiquitous “millennials.” As the children of Baby Boomers, our lives have echoed out from theirs.   It’s no secret our generation gets a lot of grief, and it stands … Continue reading “‘Echo Boomers’ wraps in Chicago, moves to post”

Kendall Goldberg directs unique Meijer campaign

3+ Chicago filmmaker celebrates the people who make the grocery store a “true family company” in Distillery Project’s “Quality Assurance” Chicago agency The Distillery Project has launched a digital campaign for family-run grocery store Meijer. Titled Quality’s No Accident, the campaign focuses on the people who work at Meijer and their communities. The documentary style … Continue reading “Kendall Goldberg directs unique Meijer campaign”