NoiseFloor dials up the offerings with new studio

NoiseFloor converted a storage area into a studio

NoiseFloor Ltd. added a fifth audio room to its River North studio in September.

Designed for sound editorial, SFX creation and sound design, the new facility marks the second major expansion for the company this year, which introduced an AR/VR/360 studio in January.

“We were in need of more support in the sound creation area,” explains Jamie Vanadia, who, along with Cory Coken, is a NoiseFloor partner. “We are expanding into a few markets by the end of this year.”

Besides dialing up NoiseFloor’s regular volume — which can be heard on everything from the customized score on GoGosqueeZ’s current viral spot to the urban polish on Detour’s virtual walking tour of Chicago — the new studio will help NoiseFloor create acoustics that have never been heard before.

That includes not only venturing deep into the video game world but also increasing the items contained in the NoiseFloor sound library, which was released earlier this year.

NoiseFloor's fifth audio room

According to studio manager Rhiannon Austgen, who joined the company in April, the quantity of available sound effects has been growing ever since.

“Sound designer Stosh Tuszynski is constantly working on new things,” she says. “Once, he put a lot of super hot metal into water and recorded those results.”

When such audio is played in the new studio, she explains, it sounds even better than the real deal.

“After we built the walls and everything, it changed the whole acoustic setting of the room, which used to be a storage area” she says. “If you review something that we’re working on, it sounds like surround sound.”