No simple place to eat anymore?? Stella’s Diner
was the answer after many restaurant strike-outs

This was one of those mornings when I couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast. ?Eggs and hash browns?? Tamales and caf? con leche?

The only to settle it was to get in the truck and drive with my friend Lisa for company.? ?Little did we know we’d make a dozen stops until found what we were looking for.

What ever happened to a quiet caf?, with no wait and good service?

We eased our way through the outskirts of Edgewater.? What about Deluxe Diner to satisfy a craving for french fries, preferably homemade. Nope, the 45-minute wait was too long to appease our hunger.? ?Same with the Uncommon Ground. ?Another 45-minute wait and a noise level reaching Mach 3.? Catch ya on the rebound.

What about sweets from Taste of Heaven in Andersonville?? Nope again.? ?They had a packed house, a $3 cookie and a $5 piece of cake. As good as they looked, no way would I drop that much dough on sweets.

Well, if it’s sweets we want, why not just go to the Dairy Queen, always a favorite.

This wasn’t going to happen, either, as the DQ serves friggin’ potato chips with their hot dogs. By now, the stomach growl was over the edge. I mean, isn’t there a simple place to eat anymore?

Then I remembered Stella’s Diner, 3042 N. Broadway. ?This old-timey diner is always reliable and the desserts are homemade.? Sitting on a couple of barstools at the counter, I ordered a strawberry milkshake, patty melt with fries and a side of biscuits and gravy.

The shake was perfectly made, topped with gobs of whipped cream and no question, the patty melt was the finest I’ve tasted.? The french fries were definitely homemade with bits of potato skin on them.

Although it took us all morning and a half tank of gas, we’d found our patch of paradise.

THE FINAL RAVE: The biscuits and gravy were good, but for a girl who grew up eating this sort of grub daily, I’m pretty hard to impress. Stick with the milkshakes.


DO IT: If you are uncertain of where to eat, hop online and check out all the hidden places that locals are raving about.? Careful what you post, though, these extreme foodies can be vicious.

EAT IT: People Lounge, 1560 N. Milwaukee Ave. If you’re as indecisive as I am, just go for tapas. This Wicker Park hideaway offers an excellent choice.

DRINK IT: Costello’s Sandwiches & Sides, 2015 W. Roscoe Ave. Speaking of perfect milkshakes, this popular sandwich house has just begun serving up summer’s favorite drink?strawberry, chocolate and vanilla milkshakes.

GET CRAZY WITH IT: Moon’s Sandwich Shop, 16 S. Western Ave. Bar none, this is the best diner food in Chicago.? Although they have no sweets, the grits, pancakes, and meatloaf sandwiches will blow you away.