No changes planned as Footlik assumes ownership of Reel Wheels’ mobile facilities

Reel Wheels continues to roll under the new ownership of Kevin Footlik who took possession June 1 of the company and equipment of the late Pete Souchuk, who was killed in a plane accident in late summer of 2003.

“We’re going to keep Reel Wheels alive and going; Pete’s drivers, Jason Lebreux and Matt Campeol, have stayed on as the drivers,” said Footlik. He has been a location scout/manager for the past 14 years on movies, TV series and commercials. About six years ago he became a production photographer and producer of photo shoots.

Reel Wheels consists of two 40-foot custom-built RVT production vehicles and a camera/grip utility cart and trailer. There’s no shortage of business, said Footlik.

One of the RVTs is out on a photo shoot for IBM and the other was hired for a U.S. Postal Service photo shoot. Footlik’s own swank 40-ft. Gig Rig mobile production facility was used by JWT for a Downstate Tourism shoot.

Footlik describes the two Reel Wheels trucks as “very unusual rugged diesel trucks. They go for a million miles and rarely break down.” Equally impressive is his Gig Rig, half truck, half motor home, that converts into many on-location uses. “We wanted to create environments that people are happy to be in, and that sets a good mood for the shoot.”

Reel Wheels is located at 410 N. Paulina, phone 312/666-9900. See and