New web series on success entrepreneurship

This winter, Malachi Leopold of Left Brain/Right Brain Productions is rolling out the 24-episode entrepreneurship web series, “Trep Life,” which he says offers a “unique, 360-degree view of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.”

The series been funded, and the first 12 episodes will be shot through the end of February. Episodes will play on and various streaming services and social networking sites.

Leopold is producing with Scotty Cadenhead of Cadenworks LLC.

Each six to eight minutes episode includes segments showcasing “The Grind,” “The Hustle,” and “The Payoff” for each “Trep.”

Early episodes feature Matt Archer of redbox, Howard Tullman of Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, Mike Samson and Ross Kimbarovsky of crowdSpring, and Matt Maloney and Mike Evans of GrubHub.

Leopold continues to balance his business-focused production work with a thriving humanitarian impulse. In October, he shot a team from the American Bar Association’s Rule of Law Initiative addressing rampant sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, interviewing girls and women who were raped in the ongoing civil unrest there.

Filming in the Congo a harrowing experience

“We filmed their work at a legal clinic, and the entire proceedings of a military tribunal, which brought several police and army officers to trial for rape, attempted rape, and allowing other sex offenders to escape,” Leopold says.

While filming at a rural prison where convicts from the tribunal were sent, inmates blocked Leopold and the ABA team from leaving until one of his companions was able to secure their release with a bribe.

“As we were walking away, I was having difficulty processing exactly what happened,” Leopold writes in his blog. “Not wanting to process it, not wanting to think about how easily a mob can turn.”

“The documentary is going to be used to help promote and expand the work of ABA ROLI in the Congo, in addition to other projects it manages in over 40 countries throughout the world,” Leopold says.

“We will hold public screenings in D.C., Chicago, Seattle, and possibly some other cities, in addition to online distribution.”

This spring Leopold begins work with L.A. producer Ellie Drake on a three-year documentary about “an effort to promote forgiveness and collaboration” between Palestinian and Israeli women.

Left Brain/Right Brain is also branching into the eBook market with “State of Chicago,” a series evaluating Chicago for entrepreneurship, the arts, poverty, and education.

“These are the four areas we are most focused on as a company,” Leopold says, “and we want to use this series as a way of engaging the community in a focused and collaborative way that results in improving and strengthening the Chicago community.”

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