New Screen Times Classics to restore films with
only daVinci Resolve D/I outside of Hollywood

The only da Vinci Resolve D/I color correction system east of L.A. is being used to restore vintage movies and TV shows in HD and provide creative color facilities for original HD content.

It’s the centerpiece of Screen Time Classics, a new Schaumburg-based company formed by Jim McClain’s b|media productions and Sean McKee’s Screen Time Images.

“We aim to preserve and present the world’s greatest classic films to a degree that allows viewers to experience the titles in never-before- seen detail,” said VP/sales and marketing Peter Bowers, a partner in the new company.

“It will allow future generations to see exactly what the films looked like in theaters when they were originally released, without the distraction of old film defects interfering with the experience.”

The first classic movie releases in HD-DVD were created in conjunction with American Movie Classics and broadcast producer, Carl Amari. The company will distribute family entertainment via HD-DVD and other new technologies.

The restored discs will contain trailers, interviews, photos, trivia and interactive content to take full advantage of the new HD consumer formats.

The new Resolve allows minimal handling of fragile film elements, “by performing calibrated, high-resolution 4K scans to disk, then having the full range of the latest da Vinci tools, including Revival restoration, in a shared, non- linear environment,” said McKee.

Screen Time Classics has the ability to transfer film direct to hard drive, allowing a client to leave with a firewire drive containing 10 bit uncompressed 4:4:4 RGB DPX frames with audio. This allows smaller facilities and independent film makers without in-house HD decks to work with their footage in HD, 2K or 4K, saving the cost of deck rental or purchase.

McKee’s 10-year old Screen Time Images also offers HD, 2K and 4K telecine scanning with LiquiDefinition, wet gate, restoration, audio, HD-DVD authoring, motion graphics, interactive multimedia and package design as well as licensing and acquisitions.

McKee’s nationally-employed system has restored Luis Bunuel’s 1954 “Robinson Crusoe,” Orson Welles’ 1952 labor of love, “Othello,” and the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s 1960-1975 animated series, “Davey and Goliath.”

McClain has developed locally-produced movies, including Michael Ojeda acclaimed “Lana’s Rain,” distributed by Image Entertainment, and Joel Goodman’s “The Fixation.” He is the major investor in Patrick Reed Johnson’s “5-25-77,” currently in postproduction at b|media.

Company expansion plans include a DI screening room with 4K images projected on a 30- foot screen and stadium seating.

Screen Time Classics is located at 974 Estes Court, Schaumburg; phone, 847/534-9000. See