New Rush Hospital spots directed by Gil Cope for SPM

Stunning Rush Hospital in new spots

The campaign announcing Rush University Medical Center’s new state-of-the-art hospital — a departure from the style of the hospital’s previous campaigns — was created by health care specialists SPM Marketing & Communications of LaGrange.

The three spots – airing now through April — were directed by L.A.-based Gil Cope of Dark Light Pictures and edited by Foundation Content’s James Lipetzky with music by John Minella of ID Music.

The new campaign builds on Rush’s ongoing campaign that centers on clinicians in close conversations, but broadens the message to highlight the advanced features of the new hospital.

“The hospital has a stunning physical design that is seen through spectacular helicopter shots of the exterior,” explains SPM’s executive creative director Rick Korzeniowski.

“Although the advertising is still very conversational, we went to great lengths to make sure glimpses of the building are seen in virtually every shot. That was a big departure from what we’ve done in the past,” he adds.

SPM Marketing & Communications’ creative team, led by creative director Bob Konold, and Dark Light Pictures have worked on Rush advertising campaign for the eight years Rush has been an SPM client.

“Gil’s experience in shooting in hospitals is invaluable,” says Korzeniowski. “Working in a hospital environment could be difficult.  We had to be locked and loaded so that we got the physicians in and out on schedule. We couldn’t have them waiting around for hours. Those are issues you don’t normally face when you’re shooting on a stage or other location.”

Cope, who was also DP, and his crew spent six days at the new hospital shooting live action for the commercials and still photographs for the supporting print and an out-of-home campaign. 

“The print looks similar to the broadcast but it tells a different story. They focus on aspects of the building that are unique and distinguish it from other hospitals in the area,” Cope says.

Although Cope has directed a wide variety of subjects, he has a special passion for hospitals. “We’re promoting a service that saves people’s lives,” he says. “It’s very rewarding to think that these ads may inspire people to come to this building to get the care that they need.”