A new dynamic for an old-line company

Mike Gullickson is a man with a mission to plump up Chicago Recording Company to a former dynamic position that somehow lost some of its sizzle over the past several years.

An eight-year CRC employee, based in Los Angeles, Gullickson is the company’s first-ever vice president and the first executive to have full charge over the management and growth of CRC’s three facilities.

Gullickson, an energetic 32-year old, says his being named vice president by Alan Kubicka, founder/owner of the 35-year old recording company, the number one billing independent studio in the U.S., “helps me move the ship in the direction we want to move it.”

That direction is aimed at reintroducing the company’s multi-talents and services to a fast-changing industry and to transform the internal culture so that everyone aboard is steering together on the same course.

“There’s a kind of renaissance going on that everyone can feel,” he says. “The reception and cooperation I’ve gotten has been spectacular,” since the appointment was announced May 1.

Gullickson reigns over a bustling business that consists of CRC’s three floors of studios in a Streeterville building (shared with Kubica-owned Filmworkers Club and Lift motion graphics), Glenwood Sound & Post of Burbank, and Patches Sound of Hollywood.

In 2006, Gullickson became part of CRC’s new management and marketing group, including general manager Chris Shepard and executive producer Rose Razal, and started splitting his time equally between L.A. and Chicago. That was when the renaissance started to bud.