NBC Chicago launches docuseries “Vaccinated State”

Amid continued questions about the Coronavirus vaccine in Illinois, NBC Chicago explores the issues and response to one of the most sought-after medicines of our lifetime in a new docuseries, Vaccinated State.

Vaccinated State launched Sunday, February 21, on NBC Chicago’s Roku and Apple TV channels, documents the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Illinois, putting a spotlight on what Illinois residents should know, what we’re still learning and what’s next.

“We hope this new docuseries can give our viewers an in-depth look into the coronavirus vaccine, at a time when people have so many questions,” said Frank Whittaker, Station Manager/Vice President of News, NBC 5 Chicago. “We’re committed to keeping Illinois informed and using our platform to provide answers during this pandemic.”

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NBC 5 reporter Chris Hush transports viewers to the belly of a 777-200 aircraft as the vaccine arrives in Chicago. From there, Hush documents the very first Illinoisans to be vaccinated, as he follows healthcare workers during a two-month period, tracking every symptom they experience.

Viewers will join a South Side pastor as he confronts medical mistrust issues in his church. Hush also takes a trip back in history, looking through the eyes of a local 102-year-old woman, born during the Spanish Flu.

The series puts a spotlight on everyday human beings – your neighbors, friends, even family members, who happen to be experts in their field.

What have we learned about the coronavirus vaccine? Is Illinois prepared for the next pandemic? Are you? NBC Chicago’s docuseries pushes for those answers while giving you an inside look as Illinois becomes a vaccinated state.

The first episode of “Vaccinated State” is available now on NBC Chicago’s Roku and Apple TV channels, with new episodes releasing every Sunday for the following three weeks. To watch the series, search “NBC Chicago” on Roku or Apple TV devices, add the NBC Chicago channel and look for “Vaccinated State” at the top.

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