National DVD release for Luminair’s teen comedy “Boxboards” and a new Bucktown address, too

“Boxboarders,” George Elder’s teen comedy, goes into national DVD distribution July 29, via Peace Arch Entertainment Group, the Canadian company best known for having brought “The Tudors” series to Showtime.

A month before the release, Elder’s 20-year old Luminair production company will move to a 3,000-sq. ft. spread at 1644 N. Honore from the Orbis building.

Elder says doubling the office space was needed to accommodate an expanded staff of eight that is working on various stages of development and production on a slate of viable family-friendly shows.

Two are cooking shows: “Spatulatta” for children, adapted from webisodes produced by Gaylon Emerzion and expected to air on PBS in 2009, and “The Heirloom Recipe Project,” which is dedicated to preserving family history through passing down of favorite recipes.

The building and its location offered several advantages over other offices Elder checked out. The building itself has other film-related tenants and it’s located in a pleasant neighborhood with plenty of restaurants. It’s also a few blocks away from the home of Frontera Grill restaurateur Rick Bayless, where Luminair often shoots scenes for Bayless’ PBS series, “Mexico: One Plate at a Time.”

Written and directed by Rob Hedden, “Boxboarders!” is about surfing slackers who accidentally put refrigerator box on a skateboard and surf the hilly streets of Laguna Beach. It was filmed on a $500,000 budget in 2005.

Peace Arch was one three companies that offered a distribution deal, notes Elder. In addition to major outlets, “Boxboarders” will be marketed in skateboard and surf shops at $29.95 suggested retail price. The DVD contains behind-the-scenes featurettes and audio commentary by Hedden.

Luminair will be the second film company to leave the Orbis building. Michelle DeLong’s company and two affiliates will move May 31 also to double the space in a building at Canal and 18th St.

Luminair’s phone is 312/491-8380. See