My Little Renaissance Girl to film in Chicago, partners with Full Spectrum

Producers of My Little Renaissance Girl, an original feature film written by Amy Heller, announce a partnership with Full Spectrum Features NFP for fiscal sponsorship.

Touted as dark comedy that evokes laughter as much as it touches on deep subject, the story follows protagonist, Amy, in modern-day Chicago as she can’t stop her physical world from filling up with Renaissance-themed music and elaborate, puffy clothing. Eventually, Amy must face what she’s been avoiding and make a decision that will change her life forever. Although comedic, the film deals with heavy themes of mental health, body image, and how ultimately it’s love that sets people free.

My Little Renaissance Girl is a 90% female lead team operating in a climate where female producers represented 12% directors, 20% writers, 2% cinematographers, 26% producers and 19% executive producers on the top 100 grossing films of 2019.

The film is slated for release in November 2021 and the team is ready to bring this representation to the screen.

Full Spectrum Features NFP’s Founder Eugene said: “We are thrilled to provide fiscal sponsorship for My Little Renaissance Girl. The Film Aligns with our mission to educate the public about social issues and is consistent with our organizational goals.”

Commenting on the fiscal sponsorship, One of the Producers of the film, Lauren Partch said: “We are so grateful for this fiscal sponsorship with Full Spectrum Features and the support it provides for fulfilling our film release date.”

Amy Heller, producer and writer commented: “Our team has been adamant about creating a film that accurately portrays our world and the unique array of people who make it beautiful. It is an honour for Full Spectrum Features to recognize this and present us this opportunity.”

They are looking for help from supporters who can make tax deductible donations to Full Spectrum Features NFP. Those who make sizable donations will become a producer and also be rewarded with a free ticket to the My Little Renaissance Girl premiere. For further information or to make a donation, VISIT HERE

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