Music webisodes back for season 2

“Organic Groov,” the unique neo soul and spoken word video webisodes, expands into a second venue, “Digital Funtown,” which combines in-house productions with user-generated content

Wrapping its first season, “Organic Groov,” created by producers Joseph Flowers and Frank Goss, sells featured artists’ music through Amazon Direct, splitting revenue with the musicians.

“Our goal is to be a place where independent and established artists will feel comfortable working with this new model. “We’re not into owning anybody’s rights,” said Flowers, managing partner of marketing and analytics company FLW International, LLC.

“If you have talent we can bring you a huge audience. We want to be the number one outlet in these genres.”

The most successful videos “Organic Groov” currently garner about 100,000 views, although, he lamented, “the bar is so high in the online space. Sponsors want to see a million hits. But if you were to rank a neo soul/jazz show online we’d be in the top five in the country.”