Montreal subs for ?Wicker Park’ in Lakeshore/ MGM’s new movie


If Mayor Daley were outraged over the filming of “Chicago” in Toronto, can you imagine his sputter over the filming of “Wicker Park” in Montreal?

The mayor’s ire might grow even worse in learning that “Wicker Park’s” producer is Tom Rosenberg, whose Lakeshore Productions has yet to produce a movie in Rosenberg’s own Chicago.

“Wicker Park” co-stars Josh Hartnett (“Pearl Harbor”) and Diane Kruger, wife of popular French director/actor Guillaume Canet (“Mon Idole”).

The suspense thriller a la Hitchcock is about a man obsessed by the memory of his lost love. It was adapted from a little known but highly acclaimed French movie of Giles Mimouni called “The Apartment.” (Don’t confuse it with the 1960 Jack Lemmon-Walter Matthau American hit). In this case, the apartment’s occupants live in gentrified Wicker Park and tool around Michigan Avenue.

The director is Scotsman Paul McGuigan, known in Europe for three pictures under his belt so far: “The Reckoning,” “Gangster #1” (lensed by Sova) and “The Acid House.” After “Wicker Park,” McGuigan is scheduled to direct a big-budget action picture with Bruce Willis.