Mitch Apley joins Resolution Digital Studios as executive producer Sept. 6 from Post Effects

Resolution Digital Studios has completed the hiring of its management team with executive producer Mitch Apley, a 10-year veteran of Post Effects who starts his new position Sept. 6.

Apley, also an editor and director, joins facilities manager Bob Hudgins and sales director Evie Silvers in the top, main positions.

Former Illinois Film Office deputy director Hudgins joined RDS in July and sales director Evie Silvers was the first of the triumvirate hired last January when “the facility was just four walls,” she said.

Apley envisions his new RDS role as providing premiere boutique post and audio services within the context of the bigger facility and with a wide range of clients?commercials, broadcast, corporate, movies and media images for events.

Part of the boutique plan at this time will be the hiring of freelance talent to match clients’ needs.

Leaving Post Effects after a decade was not a hastily-made decision, said Apley, who began his career there as an intern while studying film at Northwestern. He said “recent changes in his personal life, a new baby and a new life,” were part of the decision to advance his career to a potentially very spectacular future with RDS.

Although his official title at Post Effects was executive producer, two years ago Apley assumed the role of general manager following the departure of Fred Blurton. Since then he had been overseeing everything from HR to equipment purchases to producing the Spiffy Pictures children’s TV series on the Post Effects side.

Silvers previously had spent five years in sales at Post Effects, and ten years with now-defunct IPA that merged with Post Effects in 1999.

Apley, a Nebraska native, freelanced for a year after graduating Northwestern, and then returned to Post Effects where he was first an editor and then began to produce and direct.

His last day at Post Effects will be Aug. 31, giving him time to complete the several projects he began before the RDS offer was made.

Until Aug. 31, Apley can be reached at 312/944-1690. Silvers’ phone is 312/846-4226. RDS is located at 2226 W. Walnut.

The Mad Hatters Ball, a fund-raiser for The Lookingglass Theatre, will be held in RDS’ big stage Saturday, Aug. 20. See for ticket information.