‘I Miss Jamie When She’s Gone’ at Logan Theater

‘I Miss Jamie When She’s Gone’

‘I Miss Jamie When She’s Gone’

Chicago filmmaker
Ashley Thompson’s
story premieres
April 25

The world premiere of Ashley Thompson’s short film I Miss Jamie When She’s Gone will be the main attraction of a compelling film program at the Logan Theatre on Thursday, April 25.

The evening will also include work by Jennifer Reeder (Signature Move, Knives and Skin), Brielle Brilliant, and Sam Bailey (Brown Girls).

I Miss Jamie is a millennial, coming of age story produced by VAM Studio and Full Spectrum Features. The film centers around two sisters returning to the suburbs of Chicago ten months after their father’s sudden death. Upon arrival, they discover that their mother’s hoarding has reached a concerning level, and they begin the emotional task of cleaning the home.

The disrepair of their childhood residence is a metaphor for their mother’s deteriorating mental state, but the sisters embark on a cathartic weekend of dusting off wounds and reconciliation.

Director Ashley Thompson says, “I set out to make this film as a visual letter to my sister, and hoped for this piece of fiction to seep into our realities and become a representation of what our relationship could be. We both grew up around a hoarder, and back then, it was clear to me that no one was interested in talking about it. It’s often treated as a one-sided spectacle, which is dangerous and really inaccurate.“

A photographer turned filmmaker, Thompson has worked as an editor and cinematographer in Chicago’s independent film scene since graduating from UIC in 2013. She edited many of Chicago’s premier, award-winning web series like Brown Girls, You’re So Talented, and the upcoming Kappa Force.

Thompson also worked as the director of photography on a number of popular music videos, including Jamila Woods’ “LSD” ft. Chance The Rapper and Shea Couleé’s “Creme Brûlée,” which was #1 on Billboard’s 10 Best Drag Queen Music Videos of 2018. I Miss Jamie is Thompson’s directorial debut.

Thursday April 25, 7:30 to to 9:30 p.m. (doors open at 7 p.m.)
Logan Theater, 2646 N Milwaukee Ave. For tickets, click here.

More information on Full Spectrum Features (FSF), click here.
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