Mirkopoulos’ three thriving Toronto facilities

When Cinespace Chicago owner Nick Mirkopoulos brought property 21 years ago on Booth St. in Toronto, the timing coincided with the Canadian government’s decision to make film production the country’s primary industry.

Since then, Mirkopoulos has expanded to ownership of two additional studios in Toronto: His original Cinespace Film Studios, Kleinburg Studios and the Carlaw Production Center.

Mirkopoulos is said to be so successful in the studio business that other states have tried to lure him to build studios in their cities, including, it’s said, Detroit.

Cinespace Toronto’s flagship production complex is its Booth Ave. studios, just minutes away from downtown Toronto, featuring three new studios ranging in size from 17,000 to 30,000 square feet.

Two sets within the Kleinburg Studios sound stages contain in-demand, perfect replications of the White House. One set is the Great Hall, the Halls of Justice, reception and dining room. The Oval Office, its surrounding corridors, offices and an elevator comprise the second set.