Millennium DXL featured at Panavision open house tomorrow

The Panavision Millennium DXL

Panavision-Chicago invites filmmakers to check out its revolutionary Millennium DXL camera during an open house tomorrow at the company’s 13,000 square-foot facility on the near west side from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Besides offering shooters an opportunity to examine the camera and Panavision’s 70 mm Primo Series of lenses, Panavision product director Michael Cioni and senior VP of operations Michael George — who helped design the camera in Panavision’s L.A. office — will be on hand to provide additional information and answer questions.

The Millennium DXL is a large-format camera equipped with an 8K sensor, enhanced with new color science and optimized to increase workflow efficiency. Among the pros currently shooting with it is DP George Steel (The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death) on the U.K. set of the feature film Robin Hood, featuring a cast that includes Jamie Foxx and Bono’s daughter, Eve Hewson.

“We’ve received fantastic feedback about the DXL,” says general manager Sharon Walker, “especially including optics, color science and workflow that’s incorporated along with the sensor technology.”

Providing benefits to everyone involved in production and post — from DP to media manager — was a significant goal in the camera’s design and a hallmark of Panavsion’s mission.

“We’re very much into talking to the client,” Walker continues. “Everybody’s job on the camera crew is different and they’re all going to want something different.”

With the DXL, many of the customized features are obvious.

DPs appreciate “the highest quality image they can get” with the camera’s large 8K format. Operators enjoy the comfort of an ergonomic design and the flexibility of shooting with the lenses of their choice (although the 70 mm Primo Series is recommended). Additional considerations included setup and accessories to make the assistants’ job easier and data transfer to help out media managers.

Sample footage shot with the DXL will be displayed throughout the afternoon. Panavision will also showcase its full line of 3rd party rental equipment during the event, including Arriflex, Red and Sony Cameras.

“We’ve got anything that any shooter would be looking for,” Walker explains. “In addition to Panavision cameras and lenses, we stock the third party cameras and lenses. And then we take those cameras and ‘Panavise’ them to be the best they can be out in the field for the end user.”

“Panavising” is Panavision’s signature process for seamlessly incorporating accessories onto third party cameras.

Beer, wine, soft drinks and hor d’ouevres will be served.

Saturday, May 13 | 1544 W. Carol Ave. | (312) 638-8475

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