The Mill creates VR video for Jack Daniel’s via FCB

FCB / Chicago and The Mill today released a fully immersive VR 360-degree experience on YouTube 360 for client Jack Daniel Distillery on the 150th anniversary of America’s oldest distillery.

“This new technology is a way for us to celebrate the Jack Daniel Distillery with fans everywhere and to give them a better perspective of the care that goes into making Jack Daniel’s here in the Tennessee Valley,” notes Master Distiller Jeff Arnett.

The 2:37-minute VR was captured over a two day shoot at the Lynchburg, Tenn. Distillery, led by The Mill’s co-ECDs Chicago’s Bowe King and New York’s Rama Allen.

Seen in VR are locations that range from the blazing inferno being stoked at the rick yard, where sugar maple ricks are burnt down for use in the whiskey’s charcoal mellowing process, to the rolling hills of Lynchburg to the top of the barrel house.

“Placing the viewer at the center of a dreamlike transportive film, we introduced a new language to VR in this experience; Mixed Time,” says Allen.

“The use of an entirely new cinematic approach provides a heightened sensory experience for the viewer, and mirrors the quality and craft that are both synonymous with Jack Daniels whiskey.”

Gear VR Goggles will be available for consumers at special Jack Daniel’s events and activations this summer including July 28-31 Lollapalooza, Chicago Open Air, Las Vegas’ Life is Beautiful festival and numerous other venues worldwide.