MFF presents the Chicago premiere of Good Guy With A Gun

Good Guy With A Gun
Beck Nolan

The Midwest Film Festival (MFF) presents the exclusive Chicago Premiere of Chicago Made Good Guy With A Gun on February 27th to a sold out audience at the renowned Gene Siskel Film Center.

A number of cast and crew members will be attending the event, including director John Mossman, producer Kevin Cooper, and lead cast Tiffany Bedwell, Beck Nolan, Jack Cain, Joe Swanberg, David Pasquesi and more!

In this coming-of-age drama, Chicago teen, Will Greenwood (Beck Nolan) visits his father’s hometown and is taken in by a group of local kids finding friendship and a sense of home. Eventually, the reality of his father’s violent death, his new clan’s love of gun culture, and the dangers within the town must come to a fateful crossroads.

Filmed in Chicago last year, the film stars Beck Nolan and Tiffany Bedwell as the outsider son and mother duo who find themselves in the life altering situations depicted in the story. They are joined by a supporting ensemble of characters.

Good Guy With A Gun

Tiffany Bedwell

Director-Screenwriter John Mossman, has written and directed numerous award-winning films addressing the themes in Good Guy WIth A Gun which include enduring familial hardships, masculinity, fear and frustration, all mixed with our current extreme social / political divide.

“With this film I hope to explore the danger and at times the appeal of going down this path, and the extraordinary difficulty of turning back – and ultimately the enduring power of family to see us through dark times,” said Mossman.

Good Guy With A Gun

The Midwest Film Festival continues to host screenings on the last Monday of each month at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Having been established in 2005, MFF is an organization committed to the film scene of the Midwest, the creatives at the heart of that scene, and is dedicated to strengthening the Midwest filmmaking community as a whole.

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Regarding February’s screening, MFF’s Executive Director Erica Duffy states, “Good Guy With A Gun is a thrilling and entertaining time. A great movie. It’s a bonus for us to have the chance to host its premiere and bring it to our audience.”

The evening’s schedule will consist of a 6:30pm NETWORKING RECEPTION followed by the SCREENING, FILMMAKER Q&A, and AFTER PARTY. Tickets for the event are $15 for general admission, and $7 for Gene Siskel Film Center members. Tickets are available HERE and at the Gene Siskel Film Center website.

Please be advised that this film will be simultaneously shown in two theaters.

Theater One will host in-person speakers, including the Q&A panel with the creative team. Theater Two will feature open captions during the film and stream our panel presentations, adding an onsite ASL interpreter and live captioning for these portions.

Attendees of BOTH theaters will be able to interact with the Q&A discussion via text messaging.

For any questions about ticket types or accessibility, please e-mail

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