Mezcla to debut film division at Indie Co-Lab

Chicago hub for
“diverse boss women
behind the camera”
celebrates entry
into the industry
on October 24

Mezcla Media Collective, a new 501(c)(3) organization in Chicago, is making its formal debut to the film and entertainment industry at An Evening With Mezcla Media Collective, Thursday, October 24, 2019, 6-9:30 p.m. at Indie Co-Lab.

Founded in November 2017, Mezcla serves as a hub for 350+ women and non-binary independent filmmakers of color in Chicago. Its mission is to advance the careers, enhance the skills, and build camaraderie among its members.

In its short two-year history, Mezcla is proud to have provided programming, access, and opportunities for over 370 members including securing 35 production jobs, hosting 16 member events and meetups, fostering 11 organizational partnerships with industry-leading companies, facilitating 15 hires, funding one independent film and more.

An Evening with Mezcla Collective

To purchase tickets and view additional information about ‘An Evening with Mezcla Collective,’ click here.

A force in the Chicago media community
“We strive to be a force in the Chicago media community not just for our creative work, but for what we stand for as women of color,” says cofounder Elena Valentine. “For this event, we’re bringing industry leaders and supporting organizations across the city together to highlight the impact and progress of our members’ careers and projects.”

According to a recent ABC news article, of the top 1200 films produced in the past decade, only 4% (46) of directors were women. Of those 46 women, four were African American, two were Asian, and only one was Hispanic.

“We were founded to help close the industry diversity gap and open doors of opportunity for women and non-binary filmmakers of color in Chicago,” adds co-founder Colette Ghunim. “The organization has grown exponentially in the past two years, and we are now seeking funds to make us sustainable in the Chicago film landscape.”

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About Mezcla Media Collective
Mezcla Media Collective strives to ensure that women of color filmmakers realize their full potential as storytellers and agents of change. By fostering safe spaces, Mezcla has become a community of lifelong learners, doers, and makers that jumpstart creativity and are a sounding board of new ideas and prototypes. Mezcla Media Collective works in close collaboration with partners in the industry: Skill Scout, Kartemquin Films, OTV, Chicago Media Project, Camera Ambassador, Banner, Keslow Camera, EvolveHer, and Stage 18.

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