Memorial Day doc honors lost WWII sub

In May, 2006 then-newsmen Harvey Moshman and Chuck Coppola came across “one of those stories you live for and can’t pass up” when they covered a commemoration of a lost World War II submarine in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Three years, hundreds of research hours and thousands of miles later, their hourlong documentary, “Lost and Found: Legacy of USS Lagarto,” premieres Memorial Day weekend on Midwest PBS stations.

“In 2006, when we saw 200 relatives of the crewmen of the lost 1945 USS Lagarto submarine, some 60 years after it sailed out of Manitowoc , and heard their personal stories, we knew there was more here than a segment on evening news that night,” Coppola says.

Moshman Productions co-produced with the 40-year old Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc. Moshman and Coppola produced and wrote; Moshman also edited and Coppola narrates the doc.