Melody Smith sets up Go Fund Me for breast cancer

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One of the great aspects about writing for Reel Chicago, and quite frankly sets us apart from other publications, is our ability to really dive into our own advertising, film, TV and music production community.

Because that is what we really are. A community. We are a village in the third largest city in the United States. This allows us to cover stories in our village from the big ones like what is going on at Cinespace or DDB? And we can also focus our attention on the individuals who make up our cyber hamlet and what makes them special. Or if they need our help.

For our beloved Melody Smith, it unfortunately is the latter.

Melody has been a part of the Chicago advertising and post-production community for 20-some years. She started as the “voice” of Kobs and Draft Advertising long before it would eventually become FCB Draft. Melody got to work with the likes of beloved producer, now photographer and chef, Debbie Amsden. She was personally mentored by talent guru Julie Kolten and Executive Producer of Utopic, Heather Mitchell.

Melody has also played a vital role as first a marketing manager and then Director of Sales and Marketing at Steve Ford Music. She then moved onto become Director of Sales & Marketing at Protokulture. “Mel” has also done stints at I-Dig Music, Doug Stieber & Associates, Red Car Chicago, BMG, and had her own company as well.

But that is not who Melody Smith really is. Her career does not define her as a woman or human being.

If you don’t know Melody, who has a heart of pure gold, then you don’t know what it is to truly have a crush on someone. Her eyes are bright. Her laugh is infectious. Her jokes are dirty. I personally used to tell her she reminded me of “Swiss Miss” because of the way she wore her hair in braids. Melody is also a huge Star Wars nerd.

The Star Wars nerd needs our community’s help.

Melody has Stage 4 Breast Cancer. She has already undergone a lumpectomy. While going under that procedure, a second tumor was discovered on Melody’s side. She has has to have a possible double mastectomy and immunotherapy since the cancer has spread to her bones. There are also substantial costs for her chemo and radiation.

Melody has no insurance. So far, she has raised $5,535 of her $40K goal. Thus to give Melody a fighting chance, she needs our help. She has set up a Go Fund Me page that we can contribute to. Just click here to support Mel.

We realize we are all going through our own personal hurdles. But maybe we can look past them for a moment, and help one of our own.

After all, it really does take a village.

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