McDonald’s shared fries on national FF Day

We love McDonald’s fries.

Like, really love.

We are not alone of course. It’s a known fact that people around the world love those crispy, golden potato sticks of joy.

For #NationalFrenchFryDay, which was July 13, McDonald’s, and AOR We Are Unlimited celebrated with a national campaign encouraging consumers to “Share the Love.”

The “Share the Love” work, which was created by We Are Unlimited in partnership with McDonald’s, highlighted the variety of people who love to share McDonald’s fries.

“Every day, millions of different people come together over McDonald’s World Famous Fries—making them one of the most shared foods in the world. This was the inspiration behind the “Share the Love” creative which celebrates the wonderful variety of people who enjoy McDonald’s Fries,” said Mark Mulhern, CEO of We Are Unlimited, told Reel 360.

The campaign, shot by famed editorial photographer Mark Seliger, showcases two different hands forming the iconic golden arches coming together over French Fries.

Check out some of McDonald’s “Share the Love” creative below:

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Also on #NationalFrenchFryDay, McDonald’s shared the love with Fry fans across the United States by giving a free medium McDonald’s fry with any order on McDelivery with Uber Eats.

Look for this “Reel Ad of the Week” campaign on social, in-restaurant, and out-of-home.

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Source: We Are Unlimited

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