McClellan’s Black History Month doc airs on PBS

SETH McCLELLAN’S “KING IN CHICAGO” is a new hourlong documentary chronicling Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s collaboration with the Chicago Freedom Movement for open housing in 1966, aired on Ch. 11 Thursday night.

“This film was made with limited resources. It’s a great example of the potential of digital media and what’s starting to be called community journalism.” McClellan added.

Indie filmmaker McClellan, is a professor of mass communications and video production at Triton College, collected more than 60 hours of interviews about Dr. King’s turbulent Chicago mission.

“I intentionally interviewed not only leaders, but also the people on the ground; I knocked on doors. I wanted the movie to be about everyone’s experience at the time,” he says.

“King in Chicago” has played at 13 film festivals in 2008 and is being used in numerous universities classrooms at across the country.

McClellan co-produced the feature, “Chicago Heights,” adapted from Sherwood Anderson’s 1919 novel, “Winesburg, Ohio.” It was directed by Daniel Nearing, a professor of media communications and coordinator of the MFA program at Governors State University.