MBC short on renovation funds

MBC’s new home Kinzie & State.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC), the 15th most-visited cultural attraction in Chicago, will move into its new home at Kinzie and State next year. So far, so good.

The $4.635 million purchase of a four-story parking garage will give the museum 50,000-sq. ft., about three times the size of the current 15,300 sq. ft. MBC occupies in the Cultural Center.

Thus far, the campaign has raised $2.3 million, but $1.9 million pledged in Build Illinois funds have been frozen in the state legislature to DuMont’s chagrin. The expanded cultural attraction would boost Chicago’s Tourism economy and create permanent and temporary jobs, he noted.

Small individual donations are being sought from individuals for as little as $10, as well as from substantial corporate sponsorships.

The $10 million would enable the museum to create larger exhibits and archives space, install new radio and television studios, provide a special events venue and public screening area, a caf? and indoor parking.

DuMont founded the MBC 20 years ago with $250 in seed money and built it into one of only three U.S. broadcast museums. It serves Illinois school children with educational programs and its programs and exhibits attract thousands of out-of-state visitors. Its Website, http://www.museum.tv, gets 350,000 hits per month.?

Ed M. Koziarski, edk@homesickblues.com.